Farley Sport V Bars

What is the safest way to transport my kayak / surfski? 

With years of experience (and thousands of miles) of moving boats Epic Kayaks UK have worked closely with Farley Sport to develop a flexible system that is simple to fit, works on most vehicles, fits on most roof-bars, and provides a solid and secure V Bar system for your surfskis. Epic Kayaks stocks the Heavy Duty (HD) system, suitable for surfskis. 

Collect only. Available as sets or individual parts. 

We recommend the following: 

1. An aluminium bar - Heavy Duty (HD), hard wearing but light weight. Fits lengthways along your car. Attach V bars (sold separately) at either end, and attach it to your roof bars using U bolts or T Bolts. 

  • 3m fits long wheel base vans and is used for double skis.
  • 2.5m is a standard length bar for short wheel base vans and estate cars. Works well for V8 and longer skis.
  • 2m bars are best for shorter cars, or for V8 and shorter skis (including the V5, V6 and V7) 

2. To fit the aluminium bar to your roof bars use 

U bolts and Universal Plate onto square roof bar rails or T Bolt plates to fit onto internal track roof bars (Wing or Aero).

4. V Ends (x 2, one at each end of the bar). Medium or Wide V. Dismountable, quick release with thumb screw fittings (or we can supply nylock nuts). 

5. Bungees - to secure the boat onto the V bars. (Relatively critical). 


    If you need to remove your roof rack frequently and have Wing or Aero bars fitted on your vehicle, or need a more flexible system (eg for different boats) you can fit the Farley Sport Versa Vs directly onto the internal track (eg Thule Wings) and adjust width to suit. Best suited on longer vehicles.

    If in any doubt which will work best for you do please give us a call or contact us. Ideally include a photo of the vehicle you are fitting the roof bars onto. 

    Farley Sport V Bar fittings

    Aluminum HD bars, 3m, 2.5m, 2m
    Versa Vs
    V Bars
    U bolts and plate
    T bar bolts 
    Showing both systems set up 
    Left Front: standard V bars on 2m Aluminium Heavy Duty Bar, attached to Thule wing roof bar at the front using T Bar Bolts.
    Left Back: V Bars attached to Thule square bar, using U Bolts and plate
    Right Front: Versa V on a Thule Wing bar.  


    Dismountable V Bar, attached to square aluminium bar, using U Bolts and plate. Fitted with quick release thumb screws. 
    Aluminium bar attached to Thule Wing bar using T Bolt plates on internal track. 
    Versa Vs fitted directly onto Thule wing bars, adjustable width to suit your boat.  


    2.0m  Heavy Duty V Bar Set   £190.00
    2.5m Heavy Duty V Bar Set  £200.00 
    3.0m Heavy Duty V Bar Set  £210.00 
    V Ends Medium (105 degrees) £50.00
    V Ends Wide (120 degrees)  £50.00
    T Track bolts pack  £30.00

    Universal plate pack 

    2 x plates

    4 x U bolts 

    Versa V £85.00


    £3.50 each