How do I know which is the Epic for me?
  • Starter, intermediate, advanced or elite?
         V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V11, V12
  • Pottering, exploring, fitness, or competing? 
  • Super stable, responsive, or a racing thoroughbred? 
  • River, lake, beach, offshore?
  • Rotomolded or Composite?
  • Performance (black tip) or Ultra (red tip)? 
  • New or pre-loved?  
  • Friends and family or just for me?
  • All of the above? 

Some customers arrive on the yard knowing exactly what they are after, others have a fair idea or may have tried a friend's, and others are considering switching from sea kayaking, or complementing their marathon racing. We can help you!

The beauty of surfski is the versatility, allowing you to enjoy the full range of weather and sea conditions, your different aims (training and racing one day, and exploring/adventuring the next). It also complements rather than competes with other paddling disciplines, be it flat water marathon for example, surf life saving or sea kayaking. 

Get in touch to chat through your options, and then come and try them out. The best way to know what works for you is to take one of our demo boats for a trial. Get in touch and arrange a demo day, rummage through the boat shed and try a few different models out. Get tips on setting up the ski, launching and remounting, and getting the most out of your ski.