Quite simply this is the Ski that changed the sport. 

Previously surfski was viewed as an inaccessible, racing, elite sport but the V8 opened the sport to be enjoyed by all, providing stability without compromising the surfing ability of a performance hull. A world leader, giving unrivalled performance with good stability and great moveability.

For the UK market only, the V8 is now built in the UK under licence to Epic by Kirton Kayaks, providing the best of all worlds. Used by many coaches to pass on Surfski skills and techniques the V8 is one of the most popular skis in the world, and deservedly so. 

Fitness paddlers and racers who want extra emphasis on stability, touring kayakers looking to make the transition from sea kayaks to high performance surfskis, or cruisers looking for a simple, efficient boat for a day on the water.

The V8 will take you there. With a smile on your face. 

In the UK the V8 comes in two models: As a standard Surfski and now with a Touring version available with front and back hatches and the option to fit a sea kayak Smart Track Kick-up Rudder.


Length: 5.48 m
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 33 cm
Capacity: 45-145 kg


Performance (Black Tip): 

14 kg

  • Infusion grade foam core

  • Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar

  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

  • Black bow & stern 

Price: £2748


Ultra (Red Tip) : 

12 kg

  • Nomex honeycomb core

  • A Composite hybrid of Kevlar fabric, carbon fibre and fiberglass

  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

  • Red bow & stern

Price: £3450


Adventure Tourer

Hatch Volumes: 

  • Front hatch volume: 54 litres
  • Rear hatch volume: 58 litres


AT: 17 kg  
  • Heavy duty Infusion grade foam core
  • Composite hybrid of fibreglass, carbon fibre, and carbon/Kevlar
  • Vacuum heat-cured epoxy
  • White hull, orange bow & stern

Price: £3450

ATI: 15 kg 

  • Infusion grade foam core
  • Composite hybrid of carbon fibre with additional carbon fibre reinforcement, and cabon/Kevlar
  • Vacuum heat-cured epoxy
  • Pearl grey hull, orange bow & stern

 Price: £3450


To find out more about the V8 Tourer we suggest you read "All About my Boat" in Dougal's Epic Adventure .

Stage 1: 2500km+ Cherbourg to Genoa, Italy.  

Stage 2: On 8 June 2022 Dougal has recommenced his journey, leaving Genoa, heading South, for his Italian job.