The V9 is a completely new design, to fill the sweet spot between the V8 and V10, providing a true intermediate Surfski.

Combining speed, stability and agility the V9 is ideal for downwind surfing, open-ocean crossings, challenging races, fitness sessions, coastline explorations or just plain fun. This Ski allows you to paddle better for longer when others are flattening out, and just enjoy the Ocean, picking up on runners with ease, you can link the waves together giving long continuous surfs.

Since its launch it has been an instant success, across a broad range of paddlers.


Length: 19'0" (5.79 m)
Width: 19.3" (49 cm)
Depth: 12.6" (32 cm)
Capacity: 256 lbs (120 kg)

Paddler Fit: 4'11" to 6'6" (1.5m to 1.99m)


Performance: 14.0 kg

  • Infusion grade foam core
  • A composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar
  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
  • Black bow & stern

Price: £​3000.00


Ultra: 12 kg

  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • A Composite hybrid of Kevlar fabric, carbon fibre and fiberglass
  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
  • Red bow & stern

Price: £3600.00