Coaching and Training

UK Coaching

In the UK we can offer or arrange customised coaching for 1:2:1 and groups over a number of areas:

  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Open water safety
  • Catching runners and swell
  • Race training for both Marathon and Offshore.

Contact us for further information and costs.


Epic@Exmouth on Wednesday evenings. Let us know you are coming if you'd like to try a boat. 


Ivan Lawler - Kayak Technique Series 

With thanks to Ivan Lawler for the following technique masterclasses. 

"Complex made simple" 

Learn from Britain's most successful paddler, with his lockdown series: 

Day 1 - Foot drive

Day 2 - Leg Drive

Day 3 - Trunk 

Day 4 - Chest and Shoulders

Day 5 - Upper Arm 

Day 6 - Bottom Arm 

Ivan's Technique Masterclass  - an in depth breakdown of correct canoe technique, applicable in a marathon boat or surfski. 




Tarifa – Epic Ski Centre

We highly recommend the Epic Surf Ski Centre in Southern Spain, learning from the best in the warm on a winter break.


Tarifa school trip

Tarifa Surf Ski Training Centre

Training & Lifestyle

Epic - Coaching clips:

Greg Barton & Clint Robinson discuss and illustrate the elements of paddling technique

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Downwind Paddling – Short clips

There is a lot out there, so here are a few clips that give you a tips to get the most out of the sport and a flavour of what it is all about:

Downwind Basics Training clip

Downwind Coaching

Downwind Paddling

Clint Robinson – The Doctor


Safety – On Open water


Some clips to help you stay safe on the water:

Safety – Operating Mobiles in water


Some short clips to assist you with the Boat and kit maintenance:

New rudder lines

Installing the rudder

How to centre the Rudder

Adjusting Paddle lock

Adjusting Foot brace