Ivan Lawler Kayak Technique Series

Ivan Lawler - Kayak Technique Series 

Ivan Lawler MBE is a British marathon canoeist who competed from the late 1980s to the late 1990s, winning five gold and two silver medals at the canoe marathon world championships. 

With thanks to Ivan Lawler for the following technique masterclasses. 

"Complex made simple" 

Learn from Britain's most successful paddler, with his lockdown series: 

Day 1 - Foot drive

Day 2 - Leg Drive

Day 3 - Trunk 

Day 4 - Chest and Shoulders

Day 5 - Upper Arm 

Day 6 - Bottom Arm 

Ivan's Technique Masterclass  - an in depth breakdown of correct canoe technique, applicable in a marathon boat or surfski. 

 1: Foot Drive 

2: Leg Drive

3: Trunk

4: Chest & Shoulders

5: Top Arm 

6: Lower Arm